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Run Paris: Take a jogging tour of Paris

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Sophie & Steph
Paris downtown
Languages : "english", "french"

Your Run Paris partner will be one of two Talents: Sophie and Stéphanie, both athletic Parisians who love their city.

Sophie : A Parisian by birth, with a degree in Political Science, I am passionate about exercise, which is why, in 2009, I created my company Vitalizen through which I offer personal training and exercise for wellbeing.

Sociable, athletic and curious, I began exploring beautiful regions of France that same year through marathons and competitive hiking (the Hospitaliers and SaintéLyon trails, the Paris marathon, and others). I even picked up a few trophies along the way! …

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Their parisian perspective and habits will help you get a better idea of the genuine Parisian lifestyle.

The more time we have the better! So put on your running shoes for a different kind of Paris tour...

My upcoming projects include organizing a charity run in Paris, entering a Half Ironman, and maybe even doing The Madmen's Diagonal...

But my greatest challenge will be giving you an insider's view of Paris during a vigorous run! 


Group size
1 - 8 p.
85€ per person Book now

Take a jogging tour of Paris

  • Your running coach will come pick you up and return you to wherever you're staying.
  • Your choice of route (about 1 hour of jogging with brief stops at monuments).
  • A "pleasure run" through the heart of the City of Light with Sophie or Stéphanie. The pace and duration are up to you.
  • You'll learn about French culture and the history of the areas you pass through during the run
  • There will be brief stops to take in views of Paris.
  • Your running coach will send you photos of the highlights of your run.
  • You can customize your run, choosing specific routes and longer duration.

    Join us on a jogging tour of some of the most beautiful areas of Paris.

    Whether you're vacationing in Paris alone, with family or friends, or are here on business, this experience is for you. Sophie is a personal trainer and trail runner. Stéphanie is the founder of Wonderful Time. They both also happen to be marathon runners who adore Paris!

    We would love for you to join us for an invigorating run, an important part of our daily lives. We'll do our best to put you through your paces while sharing the secrets of Paris at the same time. It doesn't get much better than jogging through one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

    We designed this experience to be as easy and pleasant as possible: you'll use your time efficiently, won't have to worry about getting lost

    You'll run a route through the most authentic and beautiful parts of Paris, well off the beaten tourist track.

    We've come up with 3 routes you can choose from, each one filled with monuments and points of interest, as well as some of our own secret spots. We designed the experience with your safety and comfort in mind, choosing routes that are far from traffic.

    Paris offers unlimited possibilities for visitors who want to see the city on foot, whether walking or running. Discover some of its wonders by choosing one of our Wonderful Time routes

    Paris by the Seine:You'll see Paris from the water's edge as we jog along the banks of the Seine, taking in its wharfs, majestic bridges and parks. Soak up the atmosphere of life along the river enjoyed by Parisians who come here to fish or walk their dogs, by artists at work, and by bicyclists and other joggers. This is probably the most pleasant route since it is farthest from traffic and many areas are reserved for pedestrians.

    Royal Paris: This is the ultimate Paris route, offering a nice selection of royal history through the monuments of kings and emperors, places of exceptional beauty, statues, and hidden spots tourists usually miss. It's impressive!

    Green Paris: This route takes you through a number of parks and gardens. Discovering Paris through its green spaces is the perfect way to relax since some of the parks are havens of tranquility. You'll jog through authentic French parks complete with statues and fountains, and enjoy the peace and quiet. Don't worry, though, there will be plenty of monuments to see as you go from one park to the next.

    Custom jogging tour

    Paris is even more beautiful at sunrise, at sunset, or when viewed from high points in the landscape, so let us know if you want a custom jogging tour:

    Paris with a view, Paris Sunrise, Paris Sunset

    For walkers, we offer a 1.5-hour tour starting in a Paris café where we'll tell you some unusual secrets of Paris.