Our Story


Co-founder and CEO

Parisian, I am the founder of WonderfulTime, mother of 3 boys, a marathon runner and a world traveler. I’ve had the opportunity to travel to more than 50 countries and every continent, and I’ve always explored foreign cities in an unusual way, avoiding the tourist track by running, walking and getting to know the locals.

After 20 years of professional experience in major corporations and startups in the digital industry, I created Wonderful Time to offer people a new way to travel.
I have graduated from INSEAD (France).


Co-founder and COO

Prior to co-founding WonderfulTime I had an extensive experience of over more than 15 years in the consulting industry helping large corporations and service providers to develop and drive innovation strategies across products, services and business models. I have also been acting for the past couple years as an investor and mentor for digital startups in a unique Parisian incubator, accelerator and seed investment venture program.

I always lived in multi cultural cosmopolitan environments. I am very fond of history, architecture and design and I want to help travelers enrich their travel experience and get to know better the local culture.
I hold a MsC degree in Computer Science from UCLA (USA) and an Executive MBA degree from INSEAD (France).


We love nothing more than a tiny eco-village on the tip of a remote island, and Istanbul for its diversity, Paris for its food, and NYC for its marathon.

The most cherished moments and the interesting stories for a traveler are not inspired by views, or museums, or hotels… They’re inspired by people.

We love France and all things typically French: the French « art de vivre », gastronomy, wine, fashion, architecture, the arts…

If you are the kind of people who like to step off the beaten path, WonderfulTime can introduce you to a wide variety of talented and extraordinary people who are eager to invite you into their unique worlds.

What makes us special :

We design unique tours in France with inspiring people to provide you with the most memorable of travel experiences.
We selected extraordinary people like a Michelin-starred chef, an auctioneer, a master baker, a wine antiquarian, a fashion historian, an art buyer, all well-known in their domain.
We are not yet another web curator of existing tours and activities. We design and build each experience with our inspiring artists, experts and connoisseurs, to help you immerge yourself in the French culture and make your travel unique and memorable.

We are fortunate to have the support of an exceptional team:

Matt the webmaster
Pamela (US) the writer
Nicolas the developper
Mikaël the designer
Stéphane SEO
Amélie (Japan) marketing
Simon (Australia) copywriter and digital