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The beauty of Franco-Japanese fusion cuisine

A study in elegance and contrasts, explore the beauty of Franco-Japanese fusion cuisine with a certified private chef

In a parisian flat
Languages : French, English, Japanese

After professional training for the tourism industry, I specialized in organizing tours to Europe for Japanese travelersThen, while living in England for a time, I discovered the joys of growing my own fruits and vegetables. During that period, I became deeply attuned to the seasons, which then began to govern my culinary life, influencing the ingredients in the meals I prepared.

My family life took me to Japan, where I learned the language and took Japanese cooking classes. There, too, the importance of the four seasons was evident in the local celebrations, lifestyle, and cuisine. Whil…

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Her enthusiasm and passion for cooking

Her creativity and ability to continually find new sources of inspiration

Her quest for perfection

I like to create and share meals of the highest quality, and I want my guests to experience the harmony of the seasons and the ingredients in the dishes I prepare.

I especially enjoy meeting and exchanging with people from other cultures.

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6 - 10 p.
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The beauty of Franco-Japanese fusion cuisine 

It seems as if French haute cuisine has always been a lofty ideal in the minds of Japanese chefs, as well as a source of inspiration for them. Today, however the scales have tipped in the other direction. It is Japanese chefs who are largely sought after to join the teams of their French peers. Slowly but surely, Japan is changing the culinary landscape of France.

I am French and my husband is Japanese. I lived in Japan for many years and, over time, as my keen interest in the fusion of the two culinary cultures grew, I became a specialist in the subject. Now a certified private chef, I try to infuse the dishes I create with what I brought home with me from Japan, and to experiment freely with the vast differences between the two culinary traditions.

What I enjoy most is the shockwave that is produced when the two cultures meet. It's an entirely new world, which I find fascinating.The cross-pollination of the two cuisines goes well beyond tempura or maki. By introducing you to the concepts of fusion cooking, I'm introducing you to an art form, the embodiment of the enormous admiration and respect the Japanese have for French cuisine, and vice versa. Essential to this traditional culinary art are respect for the seasons and the freshness of the ingredients. I always respect these two fundamental rules.

Fusion cooking is about playing with the flavors, colors and textures of the ingredients, but it is also about the art of presenting them in the most appealing and beautifylway. Some say that Japanese cuisine is "not something to be eaten, but rather something to be looked at."

Served on precious ceramic dishes handmade by craftsmen that will evoke delicious memories of your visit to the islands, my treats are meant to be enjoyed with all five senses: first your eyes, then your nose, maybe even your ears, when you hear dish still sizzling on your plate and, lastly, with your mouth.

I will explain how I put together each dish, from the ingredients, both French and Japanese, that I collect, to the seasonings I add, to my preparation and cooking techniques. I will share my thoughts about the presentation of a dish based on what it contains. Finally, you will watch me prepare the dish, and afterwards experience firsthand my personal interpretation of Franco-Japanese fusion cooking.

Today, Japanese chefs influence their French peers, and for good reason. The Japanese seek only two things: perfection and inspiration. "If Western gastronomy were a tree, France would be the trunk, and the branches would be Spain, Italy, etc."