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Entertaining and etiquette, Paris style

Antoinette & Caro
A Hausmannian apartment in Paris
Languages : "english", "french"


After working for seven years in the family company, which owns several hotels and restaurants, I came back to Paris and decided to start a project that would allow me to combine my two passions: French cooking and traditional French customs and manners.

A mother of four, I am particularly interested in passing on to them the family traditions that came to me through the generations. Having traveled extensively and spent my childhood in the United States, I have always enjoyed meeting people of other cultures. This project is not only an opportunity for me to do that, but a…

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They're a great team and they know how to make sure you have a lovely time.

Traveling back in time through their stories of French family traditions.

You'll leave with the recipes from your lunch, and a summary of French manners and etiquette.

Through this unique experience, we hope to pass along to you the pleasures of entertaining and being entertained in a festive and refined setting. We want to share with you some traditional French dishes and talk about the rules of French etiquette that we learned from our grandmothers...

Group size
4 - 8 p.
130€ per person Book now

The art of entertaining and the rules of etiquette, Paris style

During an elegant lunch with 2 parisiennes in a private classic Parisian apartment, you will

  • enjoy fine dining and gourmet cooking
  • rediscover the main "codes" for entertaining and French etiquette
  • revisit the fundamentals of French art of table
  • get to experience an exquisite and unique sophisticated Parisian dinner party
  • Fine food and elegance

    We are Antoinette and Caroline, entrepreneurs who teach the art of entertaining, Paris style. We would like to invite you to join us at home, in our classic Parisian apartment, for an elegant meal at a well-dressed French table.

    We both love fine dining, and became interested in gourmet cooking when we were quite young. More than anything, we adore entertaining! At a certain point, after giving endless Saturday dinner parties, it occurred to us to share this uniquely French "heritage" with curious visitors who appreciate fine food and elegance as much as we do.

    French entertaining hosting? is all about details

    We like to organize intimate dinners that illustrate the "codes" for entertaining, to perpetuate our cultural traditions, pamper our guests, and pass along the proper etiquette we learned from our families, while adding a dash of modernity to the experience.

    Our motivation is to share "the art of French entertaining," which is all about refinement, attention to detail, and perfect harmony; essential ingredients in giving a dinner party worthy of the name.

    How to host a Parisian dinner party

    Our philosophy is that "you get pleasure from giving pleasure," and we recognize ourselves in the quote of the great gourmet Brillat Savarin, "Inviting someone to your home means being responsible for their happiness for as long as they are there."

    We will share with you the French art of table: how to set a table, the time-honored codes of conduct, how to serve wine, when to move into the salon (for an after-dinner drink, or tea). We will endeavor to enlighten your palate, of course, through traditional French dishes and healthy recipes that are carefully selected and prepared.

    Share French dining etiquette

    We'll serve an elegant, traditional French meal consisting of a main dish and a dessert. Over lunch, we'll casually discuss French table traditions and etiquette. Our wish is to answer any questions you might have about our culture in general or more specifically. We'll share stories and tell you what people are talking about right now at sophisticated Parisian dinner parties.

    Go back with French recipes

    Relax and be truly French for a little while, as you learn about the art of entertaining and enjoy excellent French food in an oh-so-Parisian apartment. Go back with quick and easy recipes from our 2 parisiennes.

    Lunch is served!