Why become a Talent?

WonderfulTime is the premium provider of exceptional travel experiences designed by some of France's most unique "Personalities."

By offering to share your expertise, your passion – and your charm – you are joining a community of extraordinary and generous people who have specialized knowledge in such diverse domains as art, gastronomy, fashion, and history.

Have you written an acclaimed book in your specialty? Have you won awards? Have you been covered by the media?

Through WonderfulTime, you have a unique opportunity to share your expertise and passion with curious, discriminating travelers and locals, in small groups or one-on-one.
You will be able to interact with your visitors in settings and circumstances that are exceptional in every way.

We work with quality partners in the travel and leisure industries to offer experiences that are consistent with the WonderfulTime spirit.

We will assist you in designing your "experience," and offer you increased visibility by promoting it on our website and through social networks. We work with you to establish a price for your experience that will be displayed on the website. The revenues from your experience will be distributed to you after the WT commission has been deducted.

Describe your vision for your experience (content, duration, location, program), and submit it confidentially through the WT website. The personal space we provide you on the website is available 24/7. WonderfulTime manages all reservations, online payment, cancellations, and refunds.

We hope you will join us! contact@wonderfultime.com.