How it works

Are you traveling in France?
Do you live in France?
Would you consider yourself a curious person?

Our idea
WonderfulTime visitors are people who love France and all things French: the French art de vivre, gastronomy, wine, fashion, traditional French crafts, architecture, music, the arts... And they are the kind of people who like to step off the beaten path.

They see themselves more as explorers than tourists.
When they travel, they want to experience life the way the locals do.
And they want to meet exceptional people from the local culture.

At WonderfulTime, we work with talented and passionate artists, experts and connoisseurs to provide you with the most memorable of travel experiences.

Make a reservation

1) On the WonderfulTime website, select an experience that looks interesting and a personality you would like to meet.
The Talents we work with are eager to share their passion with you. We chose them because they are fascinating and inspiring people, and they work with WonderfulTime because they want you to have an exceptional travel experience.

2) When you click "Explore," you will be taken to a page with personal and professional background information about the personality, as well as details about the experience he or she has designed (number of people, location, etc.).

3) To reserve an experience, click "Request a date." You will receive a response by e-mail within 48 hours. Some experiences require a minimum number of participants. If your group is smaller than the minimum, you have the option to privatize the experience by clicking "Private reservation." We will send you the time slot and cost within 48 hours.

4) Once your reservation is confirmed, you will receive an e-mail with a link to the WonderfulTime secure payment page where you can finalize your reservation.

5) You will then receive some practical information you will need for your experience, such as where and when to show up!

6) At any time, you can use your username and password to log in to and access the details of your current reservations.

Customize your experience
For certain custom experiences, your personality will send you a form or contact you in advance. This is so that he or she can learn your specific wishes in order to tailor your experience to your needs and interests.

Do you have a group of family members, friends, colleagues, or VIP clients you would like to share an experience with? Click "Request a date." You will receive a confirmation within 48 hours.

Private experiences
Do you prefer a more intimate setting? Click "Private reservation" and request a date. You will receive a confirmation within 48 hours.

For business
Would you like to treat your employees, executives, or foreign clients to a rare and unusual outing? WonderfulTime is the perfect choice for business clients.
We will design custom experiences to inspire you, that plunge you into the art, culture, and art de vivre of France. We promise quality and refinement for your distinguished guests. The Talents we work with are renowned in their specialty areas. They understand the business world and have experience with large groups.