Be Sure Your Michelin-Starred
Experience Is The Full 100%

Thomas, Michelin-starred chef
  • Thomas, Michelin-starred chef

For the discerning traveler to Paris, there's no question.

One must experience the finest haute-cuisine the city has to offer.

It is, after all, Paris ... a temple for gastronomes the world over.

... and when it comes time to choose the best restaurant in Paris, we look to the measure of perfection - the Michelin-Starred Restaurant.

There are few cities in the world that rival Paris for the sheer number of Michelin-starred restaurants. The city boasts over 70, making it one of the most foodie-friendly capitals in the world.

Sieving through the list is daunting. Locking in a reservation for your specific Paris dates, a challenge.

... and, yes, the effort is well worth it.

Try resisting the temptation of L'Arôme, for example, with its stunning cuisine by Michelin-Starred chef, Thomas Boullault.

Thomas won the prestigious “Best Meat Dish of the Year ” award last year at Les Lebey de la gastronomie, the French “Oscars” for culinary excellence.

... and we can see why.

Thomas is passionate about locally sourced and seasonal produce in the elaboration of his refined, contemporary cuisine. He works each hand selected ingredient into a delicate balance of flavors.

It's a very personal affair.


Each creation has a unique meaning. One flavor offsets another, like his dish of squid from Palamos with tandoori spices, vegetables and lobster oil sherry vinegar. You could pair that beautifully with Blanc Fumé de Pouilly “Silex'' 2011 from Domaine D. Dagueneau.

Or perhaps you'd choose the roasted deer fillet with juniper berries and poached quince with a rosemary, cranberry and truffle sauce, accompanied by a Hermitage “La Petite Chapelle” 2009 from P. Jaboulet Aîné.

The service, too, is impeccable. Under the masterful direction of Eric Martins, the quintessential professional, each table is treated as its own poetry with fineness. Always attentive, luxurious and warming.

But Here's The Thing…

As remarkable as this whole experience is, it's still only a fraction of the Michelin experience.

I'll explain what I mean in just a minute.

But first, consider this.

Paris, of course, is not just about fine cuisine. It's also world famous for its fabulous museums and art galleries, like the Musée d'Orsay.

Wonderful, truly!


Any visit is a sumptuous feast of the very great works of history - the masterworks by Cezanne, Manet, Monet, Picasso and more.

We marvel at these works. They stun us with their beauty. But something is missing. The deeper understanding alludes those who've not studied art for years or met the artist face-to-face to divulge the hidden secrets.

Did you see Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris?

Perhaps you, too, like Gil Pender, dream of stumbling back in time to meet face-to-face with your Cezanne, Hemingway or Picasso ... holding a stimulating conversation that reveals the true fundaments of this culture we all live, to understand and appreciate it more fully and profoundly.

The 100% experience goes so far beyond the “artwork' we sit down to enjoy. It's the life story, the daily grind, the minutia that truly make the full experience.

This is a 100% few get to experience.

... and it's no different for the finest dining experiences in the world.

It's only an elite, a privileged few like close family and friends, or the social elite who frequent the entourage, who get to absorb this 100% ... the full Michelin experience.

It is a rare and privileged exposure ... one which exceptionally, opens to you too, today.

You see, by special arrangement with Thomas and Eric, Wonderful Time has organized a very special experience for a select few.

Here's What We've Got For You:

Go inside the world of the Michelin-Starred restaurant and join in conversation with chef Thomas Boullault and restaurant owner, Eric Martins, for a very special encounter.

For a whole morning, meet with Thomas and Eric one-to-one in an exclusive encounter where food, wine and good conversation around the finer things in life envelope every second.

This is not a cooking lesson. It's a very private encounter between you and the creative force behind one of Paris most outstanding fine-dining establishments.

Nor is it a “tour'. You'll not be sharing time with strangers. It's your very exclusive encounter, one-to-one, with your hosts, Thomas and Eric.

Step-By-Step, Into The Heart Of
The Michelin Experience

Meet in the morning at L'Arôme in the heart of Paris' Golden Triangle, where the city's most luxurious boutiques, prestigious business addresses, and exquisite restaurants are clustered.

Enjoy a refreshing coffee with Thomas and Eric to open, then go into the kitchen where you'll see the incredible “machine' at work, preparing the days culinary creations.

Don't hold back. Ask any questions you like.


You'll also watch over Thomas as he puts the finishing touches to a special dish he's been preparing for you. But more about that in a minute.

Then, it's time to jump into Thomas' Vintage Mercedes. You'll set off for a quick trip to the River Seine, right in front of the Eiffel Tower.

There Thomas will spread his picnic basket out across the bonnet of the car and open a bottle of Billecart-Salmon Champagne for you to enjoy with the gastronomic spread. This is your time to enjoy the traditional chef's picnic and continue the conversation.

Now there's no rush. When you've finished, it'll be time to head off to the “cavist” - Thomas and Eric's preferred wine cellar where the finest wines are sourced to be served at L'Arôme.

Choose a bottle of wine to accompany that special dish Thomas was preparing earlier in the day. He'll be putting the finishing touches on it right in front of you as you explore the riches of French wines and letting the conversation flow.

Then it's back to L'Arôme where, if you so chose, you can stay on for an optional lunch or dinner. Of course, you'll be seated at the chef's table!

The Michelin-Starred Experience, 100%

This is your doorway into the rare world of the Michelin Starred Restaurant. Meet the people behind the haute cuisine machine that, every single day, rises to the highest standards of perfection and consistency demanded by the exacting inspectors of the Michelin Guide.

Find out what it takes to achieve the coveted stars. Discover what it takes to keep them. Explore the daily routines and the life time commitments it takes to maintain one of the best restaurants in Paris.


You'll also delve deep into the French culinary world. Find out what's behind the mythic status of French cuisine - the national obsession with a culinary culture acclaimed with World Heritage Status by UNESCO.

Be fascinated by the attention given every single detail. Hear Eric speak about how those short conversations between service and customer are the work of years of research - How he spent years scouring Paris' antique books stores for old tomes and stories on gastronomy, culture and identity - the inspiration for dishes and relationship building conversations.

Nothing is left to chance. Every minute detail is a polished gem.

And hear Thomas speak about those very special - most essential - relationships between chef and the unique suppliers who deliver such highly sought after ingredients as the French Black Truffle. Without those highly cultivated relationships there could be no perfection in the kitchen. In fact, with every detail, you'll be inspired by the entrepreneurial zeal of Thomas and Eric in the creation of one of Paris best dining experience.

Who would have thought a chef could also be an incredible life or business coach ... but we think you'll agree, it's true.

So do come along and meet face-to-face with Thomas and Eric for an incredible haute cuisine experience in Paris.

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And walk away with a rare 100% view of the wonderful world of French haute cuisine.

But more important, an exceptional encounter ... the beginning of a new friendship.

After all, what is fine dining but the sharing of table between close friends!

Join Thomas and Eric now.