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The Manor: Where Picasso, Ravel, and Woolf went... for inspiration

Explore a mystical manor house with the original owner’s great-grandson

Languages : French, English

Antoine Bouchayer-Mallet is the great-grandson of Guillaume Mallet, the estate's original owner. A graduate of the Versailles School of Architecture, he is the conservator and manager of the Bois des Moutiers estate. He took on this role in 1996, after having worked as an architect on restoring the gardens and park of the Château of Versailles.

The manor house of Guillaume Maillet and his wife was built in the style of the Arts and Crafts architectural movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They both greatly admired this style, and set out to achieve aesthetic perfection in ha…

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The magic of this enchanting place that is so pleasing to the senses

His dedication to preserving his family heritage.

His intimate way of sharing its fabulous history.

His artistic sensibilities, his erudition, his humanity, his openness.

His joy in caring for this mythical place, and his ability to make us feel the joy as well.

A desire to exchange with new people.

A desire to share his family history.

A desire to discuss his ideas for the future of the estate with his visitors.

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Explore a mystical manor house with the original owner’s great-grandson

Let me tell you the tale of a manor house and garden unlike any other in France. It is my home, and it was built by my great-grandfather. It is a place whose beauty and uniqueness drew an endless stream of illustrious artists and writers for decades.

The Bois des Moutiers estate is mystical and awe-inspiring.

It is a gathering place, a place that kindles reflection, a place designed to delight the senses at every turn and from every angle.

It is the only example in France of the collaborative work of English architect Edwin Lutyens and garden designer Gertrude Jekyll.

I invite you to visit this wonderland with me for a wonderful time, to stroll the paths of its gardens and explore the manor house itself.

From there, you will be treated to the extraordinary views of the garden and the sea that inspired such great artists as Turner, Calder, Pissaro, Miro, Picasso, Cocteau, Gide, Proust, Virginia Woolf, Debussy, and Ravel.

It is impossible to remain unmoved by the magic of such a place as this.

You will be refreshed and invigorated by this architectural gem, as well as the region whose splendid beauty, colors, and light have been the setting so often chosen by great artists.

The Bois des Moutiers estate is within walking distance of the cliffside church cemetery in Varengeville-sur-mer where artist Georges Braques was laid to rest. I highly recommend visiting this church while you are in neighborhood.