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Go Fashion Shopping in the Upper Marais

Discover the latest chic boutiques and independent French labels in Paris.

Visit design studios. Meet local designers.

Kasia Fashion designer
Languages : French, English

Kasia is a local designer living in the uber-chic Haut Marais (Upper Marais) of the world’s fashion capital, Paris. She’s immersed in the “Made in Paris” fashion movement.


A transplanted New Yorker, she’s called Paris home for over 7 years. The Upper Marais and it’s unique high-fashion scene is her universe. She’s deeply connected to the local network of designers, manufacturers, and independent fashion boutiques.


Kasia also writes on lifestyle, fashion and luxury for leading publications like Bonjour Paris, France Today Magazine, Eluxe Magazine, Metropolitan and LUXOS.


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Kasia’s creatively active on the local fashion scene. She has access to many areas and people on the local fashion scene most never get to see.


She’s incredibly relaxed, welcoming and generous with her knowledge, too. Her address book is a golden key to access everything high-fashion, chic and elegant about Paris’ independent fashion scene.


Open the doors boutiques, studios and workshops and receive a warm welcome when you’re with Kasia.

I work as a fashion designer on the local “Made in Paris” fashion scene. It’s a profession and, above all else, a passion.


The chance to show guests from all around the world the unique creativity of the local and independent fashion creators is a total pleasure.


I’d love to share the experience with you, today.

Group size
3 - 6 p.
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Kasia | Your Upper Marais Fashion Tour Host

The Haut Marais Fashion Experience in Paris

Immerse yourself in the Upper Marais, the latest neighborhood for chic, locally designed and manufactured ready-to-wear fashion in Paris.

★ A 100% private & tailored fashion tour of the city’s trendiest neighborhood

★ Explore the latest styles and trends

★ Discover the best boutiques and concept stores

★ Meet local designers

★ And find exclusive Parisian fashion pieces to compliment your personal wardrobe

Before meeting in Paris, Kasia will connect with you to define your unique style and fashion interests to tailor your fashion tour.


Looking for exclusive fashion addresses in Paris?

Want to explore trending boutiques offering unique Parisian fashion pieces by local designers?

Go shopping with Kasia in the Haut Marais

Kasia will take you to the best addresses in Paris’ trendiest neighborhood for high-fashion.

The Haut Marais is where it’s all happening today. It’s where top creatives, local designers, and independent labels converge.

★ Find fashion exclusives to Paris

★ Add a touch of Parisian chic to your wardrobe

★ Explore the hidden-away addresses local fashion insiders love

Immerse yourself in the high-fashion scene in Paris

With Kasia, you’ll visit independent boutiques popular with the local fashion elite, far from the crowded commercial scene.

★ Discover the chicest fashion stores and ateliers

★ Meet local designers and manufacturers

★ Discover the “Made in Paris” movement thats re-inventing high-fashion in France

And soak up the elegant and creative local vibe …

Open doors to the local fashion scene

Kasia lives in the Haut Marais and knows the neighborhood intimately.

And as a local fashion designer, she her finger on the pulse.She knows all the trending spots, plus the people who make them special; the local designers and manufacturers.

Meet them with Kasia.

★ Feel at ease walking in and looking around

★ Ask questions and get the insider’s story

★ Take your time …

There’s absolutely no pressure to buy. Kasia doesn’t take commissions on sales, so you’re guaranteed independent and professional guidance.

It’s all about you experiencing the best of high-fashion in the Haut Marais …

Chic boutiques, concept stores, fashion ateliers

Be inspired by the innovative force of the Haut Marais scene. Soak up the creative energy; the hip-chic vibe unique to this area of Paris.

Plus, drop in for a relaxing coffee break at one of the Haut Marais’ chic cafés. Enjoy a refreshment and hear from Kasia what it’s really like to live the “fashion life” in Paris.

A Paris fashion exclusive

The Haut Marais fashion tour is the perfect Paris experience for fashionistas and anyone with an eye for style and design.

It’s a fabulous way to discover an authentic area of Paris where creativity, innovation and energy abound.

100% tailored to your unique interests

Before you meet in Paris, Kasia will connect with you and define your personal style, tastes and interests. Then she’ll prepare your customized itinerary with the best addresses to suite.

On the day, go at your own rhythm. You’ll have plenty of time to visit each boutique and converse with owners, designers and other creatives.

Simply perfect. Elegantly Parisian …