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Paris Wine Tasting

The Choice of Michelin-Starred Chefs

Meet with Lionel, the go-to French wine expert in Paris … 

The reference for Michelin-starred chefs, Minsters of government and international wine buyers

Lionel Wine expert in Paris
Languages : French, English

I was born in 1949, which was a very good year. I am myself a "blend" of the Ardennes and Martinique varieties.

A young wine-lover

While studying law, I took a part-time position at Bercy, the famous Paris wine market.

A short time later, I joined a wine-tasting club, which introduced me to the splendor of vintage wines, and through which I tasted such iconic vintages as a 1945 Mouton, a 1921 Yquem, a 1900 Margaux, an 1870 Latour, and an 1811 Chambertin.

A professional wine expert

Transformed by this experience, I began to collect fine wines myself.

In 1994, I bought my own …

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The warm, intimate, and welcoming atmosphere.

His excellent stories and delightful storytelling manner.

His generosity.


I love to share what I know about antique wines and their history, which is quite an esoteric field of knowledge, even among the French.


In my experiences visiting vineyards and dealing in rare wines, I have collected many stories. I look forward to having an opportunity to share them.

Group size
2 - 6 p.

The French Wine Tasting in Paris, par excellence

Here’s what Lionel has for you:

In his private, 400 year old wine cellar in the heart of Paris’ oldest quarter;

★ Go behind-the-scenes in the life of a French vintage wine collector

★ Savor 4 bottles of exceptional vintage French wine
★ Each wine is expertly paired with local artisan gourmet foods
★ Develop your appreciation and knowledge of outstanding French wines
★ And connect with the best wineries and wine-makers across France

Lionel will share with you years of experience and high-level contacts in the world of vintage French wines.


Go inside Lionel’s 400-year-old wine cellar in the heart of Paris

It’ll be pure delight.
This wine tasting isn’t about exclusive jargon or pointless rituals. Just 100% authenticity and fine French wines to discover.
Vintage French wines come alive with Lionel’s wine tasting. Paris is the wine capital of the world and he’ll show you why.


No standard wine selections or simplistic stories gleaned from wine books

You get decades of experience tasting and collecting vintage French wines.
Lionel connects you to the best wine-markers and vineyards, via his personal network.


Get the secrets on French wine

Hear the stories behind notable wine-makers he knows.
Discover why there are no great wines, only exceptional bottles of wine. Lionel knows. He’s tasted them.
He’s noted a 1945 Mouton, 1921 Yquem, 1900 Margaux, 1870 Latour, and a 1811 Chambertin.
- absorb local-insider knowledge on rare French wines
- journey through French wine regions
- decipher varietals and appellations
- master French wine certification
- unravel mysteries of French wine labeling and;
- identify iconic grand crus and exceptional vintages
Next time you buy wine will be a breezy success. Delight dinner guests with your new French wine knowledge.
Experience this wine tasting in Paris. You’ll go home with much more than a French wine region map in mind. Forever, you’ll recall tastes, aromas and terroir. You’ll take home authentic insight into French wine and culture to share.
This is Paris wine tasting perfection, an inspiring and revealing conversation.


Here’s a taste of what to expect

Before meeting in Paris, Lionel will connect with you to discover your personal preferences.
Then, at his private 17th century wine cellar in Paris’ 6th arrondissement, start your conversation about French wine and culture over an aperitif and,
- explore his “cave”, a veritable “temple” of fine French wine – don’t miss the 700 year old stone wall
- walk down 3 flights of stone stairs to explore each level of this unique wine collection – note the perfume of ancient stone and oak, the - branded crates of notable wine-makers
- marvel at his impressive collection of rare vintage wines – look out for the dates, some from the 1800s
- and the fabulous wine memorabilia – do ask to see the "Nicolas" Wine Catalogues from the early 1900s
Now we can’t tell you what’s on the menu. It depends on the day. Your interests are key. What’s fresh from the local market will tell us the pairings. No two wine tastings are alike – always unique.


And this is the quality you can expect …

Taste 4 exceptional bottles of French wine from Lionel’s private cellar.
Each wine is a grand crus from great French Estates and grand Chateaux. They’re opened fresh, right in front of you.


Take your time and savor each bottle to the fullest

A typical selection looks like this:
- Champagne “Les Puerrières”Ulysse Collin
- Burgundy Puligny Montrachet “LesPucelles” Boillot 2008
- Châteauneuf du Pape Château de Beaucastel 2009
- Banyuls “Hors d’âge” Coume del Mas
Each wine is also paired with vintage French cheeses, cured meats, breads, and desserts. The cheeses alone will impress:
- French Old Comté
- Abbaye de Citeaux
- Saint-félicien
- Bleu de Laqueuille
Even seasoned Parisian connoisseurs are impressed.
Lionel sources direct from notable wine-makers and artisan producers across France.
Lionel contextualizes every mouthful, expanding your sensorial journey.
Enrich your appreciation of aromas and flavors.
Note distinctive signatures of region, terroir, varietal, vintage and wine-maker.
Grasp the French French art of living. Live 100% pure enjoyment of fine French wines, through local expertise.

Prefer something even more tailored?

We can arrange that, too.
- a specific French wine in mind
- a vertical tasting (different vintages of the same wine type)
- an horizontal tasting (same vintage, different wineries)
Or have Lionel join you on a trip to your favorite wine region in France, like Burgundy or the Loire Valley. He’ll introduce you to his special contacts.
Just let us know when booking your Paris wine tasting.
We’ll arrange that for you (subject to availability and supplementary pricing).
Lionel will expand your appreciation and knowledge of French wines with authentic, local expertise.
Find out why Michelin-starred chefs choose Lionel to serve their discerning clients.
Travel through time and France, one delightful sip at a time.