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The art of taste with a culinary perfumer

Languages : French, English

Founder of a new trend in haute cuisine

What if we were to perfume our food the way we do our bodies? That is the question that led Michèle, a master of scents and a professional "nose", to create La Parfumerie Culinaire in 2006. Aware that there were many more dimensions to flavor than sweet and savory, she decided to explore the possibilities of designing perfumes for food.

Designing food as fashion

A former fashion designer, Michèle is the epitome of Parisian style and natural elegance. She is a member of the Société Française des Parfumeurs (French Perfumers Society).

She is a…

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The astonishing sensory revelations of this experience. She breaks all the rules, so expect the unexpected.

Her incomparable expertise in the areas of fashion, perfume and food.

The aura of refinement that she exudes like a delicate perfume, and her elegant manner of speaking.

I am eager to introduce you to the brand-new art of culinary perfuming.

While I find the creativity of my craft to be gratifying in and of itself, I believe it is even better when shared.

I want to invite you to breathe the rarified air of the world in which I am privileged to work.

I want to be enriched by the cultural diversity of my visitors, your responses to my perfumes, and your ideas.

Group size
5 - 6 p.
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I design food with edible perfumes

I would like to invite you to participate in a unique sensory experience focusing on flavor, perfume, and style.

You see, I am a flavor designer, or "culinary perfumer." I take an artistic approach to haute cuisine by designing and using natural, edible perfumes in my recipes: from bergamot to tuberose, from sandalwood to thyme, from coriander to lavender.

Live a personal sensory experience

I will provide some insight into the intriguing relationship the French have with flavor, and share the art of "perfuming" food, a creative discipline that opens the doors to new forms of expression.

This exhilarating experience will plunge you into a whole new olfactory universe. Using classics of French cuisine as a starting point, I will "accessorize" the recipes, enhancing the dishes in subtle and surprising ways.

Reinventing the classics of French cooking

You will see some of our traditional products, like the world-famous Camembert, in a whole new light. And you will try the latest hot item -- even hotter than macarons -- the flavored petit-beurre, a new take on the crisp butter cookie that is an icon of French culture.

Much more than a food or wine tasting, this experience is one of the best things to do in Paris. Your palate will be delighted as you experience first-hand the way edible perfumes evolve in the mouth, just as perfume evolves on the skin.

If you are already a group and you are in Paris for a day, join me for a wonderful time, an exceptional interlude of culinary discovery and flavor exploration.

A journey in your journey.