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Paris Street Art Tour: Astounding Belleville

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Paris - Belleville
Languages : "english", "french"

After studying Art History as an undergraduate and receiving a Master's degree in Cultural Projects Management, Marion worked for a number of public and private cultural institutions in Paris. Through her work, she was immersed in the Paris arts scene and became an expert in the many forms of current artistic expression in Paris.

 A lover of art in all its diversity, Marion has never ceased to marvel at Paris because of its rich history and culture, but also because of the city's exuberance and the way it is constantly reinventing itself. So it's perfectly natural that she should want to s…

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A great way to explore the real parisian districts with a local expert (trendy, artsy, "bobos"as we say here)

The opportunity to share a friendly, intimate moment exchanging with others and exploring art, history, and the art of living in Paris

Group size
2 - 8 p.
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Explore Belleville a street art hotspot

  • You will explore a Paris neighborhood that most visitors aren't familiar with.
  • A stroll through an authentic part of Paris far removed from the usual tourist areas.
  • No need to worry about where you're going or getting lost: Marion knows the neighborhood like the back of her hand.
  • The best way to feel like a local in Paris.
  • A very colorful experience that young people are sure to appreciate.
  • The experience begins at the entrance to the Buttes-Chaumont park in the Haut-Belleville neighborhood and continues towards Bas-Belleville.

    We will stop at a variety of spots along the way: art galleries, a viewing pavilion, vineyards, and other surprises.

    You will have a chance to enjoy the street art along the way, but we will also visit some locations dedicated to street art.

    At the end of the experience, Marion will invite you to have coffee and continue discussing street art and artists in Paris.

    Belleville, a unique and authentic village in the heart of Paris

    Marion takes you well off the beaten path as she guides you in your exploration of a fascinating and surprising neighborhood enriched by the many cultures of its residents, who live together in perfect harmony.

    Belleville is one of the most cosmopolitan neighborhoods in Paris. Its mix of architectural styles and "village" vibe define its strong and distinct identity. The atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed.

    Marion invites you to join her on a leisurely stroll through Belleville. You'll have the time to look around and soak up the sights, immersed in a very unique pocket of Paris that was once a village and is now a very lively neighborhood.

    A hotspot for Art and Street Art

    Artistic expression is in the DNA of Belleville, which has embraced every form of art for centuries. Originally home to craftsmen, Belleville is now the preferred neighborhood of artists, with over 200 studios. In this part of Paris, street art truly flourishes, sometimes running the length of entire streets. Creativity abounds on every corner, and many contemporary art galleries have also opened in some unexpected places. You'll also see the more or less official "free expression walls" during the walking tour.

    Vineyards on the hill

    Belleville was once a hill covered with vineyards, and grapevines have been replanted there in honor of the days when wine, then called ginguet or piquette, flowed freely, quenching the thirst of the many patrons of cabarets and guingettes of the period. The tradition was not abandoned: the neighborhood is full of specialty wine bars, wine cafes, and other restaurants with superb wine lists. Marion knows where they are and shares them with you.

    Experience urban art and enjoy authentic Paris

    Whether you're traveling with friends or as a family, Marion engages everyone in the conversation. She'll encourage you to talk about the artists' works, reflect on what you see, discard your preconceived notions, see this urban art with a fresh eye, and be open to the responses the art evokes in every member of your group. What moves some might make others laugh, shock them, or leave them scratching their heads... In any case, this experience gets you out of the museum rut and introduces you to a unique and fascinating side of Paris.

    Throughout the tour, Marion will share fun facts about the stories, personalities and work of notable Paris street artists.