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A baking class devoted to the macaron

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Paris downtown
Languages : "english", "french"

My passion for cooking comes to me through the generations

First there was the pleasure of cooking with my mother, who herself learned to love good home cooking from Madame Ménard, her grandmother's cook.It's tradition in my family to use fresh, high-quality ingredients. My interest in fresh products naturally translated itself into my career. After my university studies abroad, I went into sales and then became the marketing director of a company that raises fish for the best chefs. This was my first contact with "product."

But after 13 years in sales and marketing, I wanted to return …

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The class includes interesting and amusing anecdotes, the "French touch" and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for small groups of visitors. It is very unique in Paris. Her kitchen studio is lovely

Driven by my passion, I soon realized that what I needed was to share my knowledge. This is how my kitchen/workshop came to be. I look forward to seeing you there and sharing my secrets with you.

Group size
1 - 8 p.
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A macaron master class

The class includes interesting and amusing anecdotes, the "French touch" and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for small groups of visitors:

  • Takes place in Noémie's workshop, where she will talk about the art and history of the macaron
  • Presentation of the recipes of the 2 different macarons you'll make, the flavors of which are chosen depending on the season
  • Explanations of the key steps in baking and assembling macarons and Noémie's baking secrets
  • Then it will be your turn to make some macarons, guided by Noémie
  • The class concludes with a delicious sampling of your macarons over a coffee
  • You'll take a detailed recipe home with you

    Make your own macarons in a pastry chef's cozy kitchen workshop

    This is not your ordinary macaron-making class in Paris. My hands-on workshop is all about the macaron, one of the best desserts in Paris. I turned my passion for this iconic French dessert into a specialty, and the delicate macaron itself was my inspiration for the decor – from the candy-colored walls to the tools I use – in the former artist's studio I turned into a pastry kitchen and workshop. After all, making macarons is a pleasure that should be shared with others.

    A hands-on workshop in Paris focusing on the art, history and making of macarons

    Unlike generic and often impersonal macaron classes in Paris, I offer you a more intimate experience, for either your own small group or a group including other travelers.There will be no other chefs, no giant industrial macaron factories.We'll make these delightful French desserts together in the warm and cozy setting of my own kitchen workshop.

    I will immerse you in all things macaron, sharing the history, the recipes and the endless flavor varieties and combinations. And we'll nibble on a selection of macarons in my comfy workshop, where even the air you breathe is macaron flavored!

    A passion for the iconic French pastry and its traditions

    I walked away from a career in marketing and began taking pastry-making courses. After receiving a solid foundation from the renowned culinary institute of LeNotre, I stocked my kitchen, which I designed especially for visitors. I would like to invite you to my workshop, where you'll enjoy decadent indulgence and an authentic cooking experience in Paris.