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Opéra Garnier and Place Vendôme : The heart of luxury

A private tour of the Place Vendôme and Opéra Garnier, the jewel box and crown jewel of Paris architecture

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An art historian expert

Maud is a graduate of the Ecole du Louvre, has a Master's in Art History from the Sorbonne, and a Master's in Management of Cultural and Social Centers from the Conservatoire national des arts et métiers in Paris (CNAM).

She loves to share the history of Paris.

She is also an expert on the cinema and literature of the City of Paris and Versailles.

Maud has designed and provided experiences focusing on art history for the Louis Vuitton Group, the SNCF, Canal+ and many museums, including the Musée des Années Trente, le Musée Paul Belmondo and the Musée Guimet…

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They way she tells a story.

Her smile.

Her passion for the arts and the history of Paris.

Her gentleness and generosity.

I love bringing history to life, drawing from history, the arts, and personal accounts to create a complete picture.

I love to meet and share laughter with curious and passionate people.

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4 - 8 p.
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Place Vendôme: a visit to the hub of luxury and artistry

  • You will enjoy an exclusive, private tour behind the scenes of the Opéra Garnier Paris opera house
  • Relax over coffee in a Paris café on the Place Vendôme while an art historian shares the history of the Opéra-Vendôme neighborhood
  • Take a "luxury tour" to discover the history of French luxury and the iconic jewelry design houses on the Place Vendôme
  • A private tour of the Place Vendôme and Opéra Garnier, the jewel box and crown jewel of Paris architecture

    The "Opéra-Vendôme" Paris opera house tour lets you experience a unique moment in the history of France. As Charles Garnier, the architect who designed and built the Palais Garnier, said, "The Opéra-Place Vendôme neighborhood is a jewel box, and the Opéra is its gem." Exploring the treasures of the Napoleonic era that are the Place Vendôme and the Palais Garnier, you will get a true sense of life among Parisian high society of old.

    The Garnier opera house : one of the best places to see in Paris

    The Opéra de Paris, one of the top 10 places to visit in Paris, was inaugurated by Napoleon III in 1858. With its Mediterranean influences, doors designed to evoke the facade of a temple, 33 different types of marble, interiors charged with color and movement, and the symbols sprinkled throughout its 11,000 square meter surface, the Palais Garnier is a Paris experience you don't want to miss.

    A private guided tour behind the scenes of the Paris Opera House

    This private tour of Paris takes you to one of the city's most splendid monuments. Everything in this palace is stunning, from the royal staircase to the library, from the grand foyer to the auditorium, whose stage has the steepest slope in the world. Every great opera, and all of the world's most famous opera singers, have appeared on this stage.

    Palais Garnier: as magical as Versailles

    You will visit the famous grand foyer, inspired by the hall of mirrors at Versailles, which is where opera-goers mingled at intermission. If you don't have time to go to Versailles, or you don't know what to see in Paris, the Opera, in all its beauty, opulence and exuberance, is a superb choice. And Maud will make it a truly unique experience, telling you tales that will show you what it meant to belong to the Parisian elite.

    Taking a break at a Paris café

    Before continuing to our tour of the mansions and neighborhood of the Place Vendôme, you will take a break and have a bite to eat at a comfortable Paris café, where Maud will tell you the history of the Vendôme area, which is now the world capital of French luxury and design.

    One of the most beautiful royal squares in Paris

    The Place Vendôme is located in the prestigious Vendôme neighborhood, which King Louis XIV considered a symbol of the splendor of his reign.

    Maud will retrace the history of this iconic location whose structures, built by Jules Hardouin-Mansart 300 years ago, are themselves a chapter in the history of Paris and of France. For example, you may not know that the column at the center of the Place Vendôme erected by Napoleon is made of the bronze of 250 Russian and Austrian cannons.

    Paris luxury jewelers, creators and fashion designers

    There is a distinct style to the Place Vendôme. During the Belle Epoque, the most powerful families called it home. The opening of the Ritz Hotel quickly drew luxury jewelers like Cartier, Mauboussin, Van Cleef, and others. With the fine jewelers came artisans and artists working in fashion, crystal, gold, silver, perfume... Art galleries, palaces and grand hotels opened. The neighborhood became a hub for creation, artistry, and innovation. In its boutiques and studios, the traditions of artists and craftsmen flourished, and still do today.

    Maud will tell you stories of the great Parisian fashion houses, from Worth to Coco Chanel, including Charvet, Doucet and Poiret. In this place where time stands still, she will lead you on a journey to the heart of the Place Vendôme, whose very air is perfumed with luxury and the French art de vivre.