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Dine and dish: an enlightening visit with a Michelin-starred chef

Thomas, Michelin-starred chef
  • Thomas, Michelin-starred chef
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Obsessed with becoming a chef

Born into a world where it was normal to be a gourmet, Thomas Boullault decided at a very young age that he wanted to be a chef. Once he received his diploma, he decided to try his luck in Paris, where he managed to get a position on the team of Philippe Legendre, who had just gone to work at the prestigious Hotel George V.

Star chefs in a palace

It was there that he discovered true luxury, cooking for a palace, and what it was like to be part of an enormous team. After a time in Switzerland, he returned to Paris to be a chef at the Seize au Seize. From …

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-He's not like other chefs; he's genuine, humble and incredibly warm

-He's refreshing, immensely likeable and full of joie de vivre

-He goes out of his way to be welcoming

-His passion for the good things in life

-His creativity. He likes to surprise people, and you won't be disappointed!

I like people and I love to share my passion, which I live to the fullest. I enjoy being creative and surprising people. This is also an opportunity to introduce guests to the talented people I work with: farmers, wine experts and growers, chefs and specialists in regional products.

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2 - 6 p.
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A genuinely French moment in the kitchen and beyond with a star among chefs

Enjoy a culinary experience with chef Thomas :

  • A private tour
  • sampling of specialty foods and
  • wine tasting
  • The experience does not include lunch or dinner in his restaurant.

    If you choose to extend your experience to include a meal at the restaurant, rest assured that you will get VIP treatment!

    An exceptional moment with a Michelin-starred chef

    While in Paris, you're in for a delicious experience with Thomas, who has only one goal in mind: for you to be surprised and delighted during a rare and "purely French experience focusing on French gastronomy”.

    A passion for French food

    Only a Michelin-starred chef like Thomas could meet such a challenge. Not only is he the incarnation of French gastronomic excellence, but this man, whose passion is authentic and refined French cuisine, simply radiates warmth, genuineness and imagination.

    An authentic « bon vivant »

    Thomas is that rare kind of person who can invite you into his private universe, his kitchen, his "home away from home" and make you feel as if you've known him forever.

    He has talent and more. In addition to his charming personality, he is a true French-style "bon vivant" — someone who loves people, the good things in life, and the company of others shared over a delicious meal. His warmth and passion are infectious, so you can't help but have a good time. Friendliness, authenticity and creativity: these are the things you will remember from this unique Paris experience.

    The secrets of French cuisine

    For his experience, Thomas would like to share his latest culinary inspirations and improvisations with you.

    If you choose a morning experience, he will guide among the stands of the morning open-air market. You'll meet and chat with the best vendors and producers, who will tell you all about their latest shipments. You'll accompany Thomas as he chooses fresh produce to be used in his kitchen.

    If you choose an afternoon experience, Thomas will put together a little apéritif for you and some of his friends at his restaurant kitchen, a private tasting in a grand hotel, and a stop at some wine cellars reserved for only the finest chefs in the profession.

    Dinner is served: have a taste of French gastronomy!

    Then it will be time to step into the kitchen, where you will see Thomas's playful side — especially when it comes to his cooking. He breaks the rules, refreshes traditions (apéritif with tapas) and plays around with the seasons.

    Don't fight it. With Thomas, you're sure to have a rare, memorable and exceptionally French culinary visit that very few people ever have the pleasure of experiencing. And if you can't enjoy this yourself, it would certainly be a lovely gift for Francophiles or foodies!

    But there's more...

    Define your own custom food experience

    You can customize this experience with Thomas to include, for example, a half-day outing to the historical Rungis market, where surprising tastes and encounters await you, or an enchanting day in the country not far from Paris with him.