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An insider's tour of the Rive Gauche in all its chic and artsy glory with an art historian and buyer

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Languages : "english", "french"

A trained art historian and graduate of the Ecole du Louvre

I worked for 20 years at the Réunion des Musées Nationaux, a public institution that plays a key role in promoting the collections of French museums and organizes major art exhibits on an international level.

Art exhibits in Paris

For five years I have managed many major art exhibits in Paris and I have worked on creating the photographic archive of the collections of the Centre Pompidou, which gave me the opportunity to study the modern art collections from the early 20th century through to the present.

A specialist in m…

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her warm welcome

her generosity

her desire to share her passion

her quintessentially Parisian lifestyle

her love for the Rive Gauche

I've always been hungry for knowledge and discovering new things myself, and I also enjoy spending time with others exchanging about art and culture. I hope to provide my guests with insights, change the way they see art and, in certain cases, help them make wise investments.

When it comes to artistic expression and the art of living, Paris is a unique and exceptional place. I want to share my expertise and my passion for the world of art with WonderfulTime visitors.


Group size
2 - 6 p.
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An art historian and buyer shares the art of buying art on an insider's tour of the chic and artsy Rive Gauche

  • You're invited for a private visit in a magnificent Paris apartment in the 6th arrondissement, the heart of the Rive Gauche 
  • Have a bite to eat and view the owner's private art collection
  • Explore the hidden places of the Rive Gauche of Paris during a private tour of art galleries, vintage shops and luxury boutiques that are among the best places to visit in Paris.
  • Customize the experience according to your tastes and interests when you reserve: ancient art, traditional art, modern art, decorative arts
  • Your private tour of the Rive Gauche in Paris

    It will begin in the heart of the 6th Arrondissement at my very Parisian apartment. Because I am an art buyer, my home is something of a personal exhibit of art and decorative objects. If you are looking for things to do in Paris that focus on art, allow me to be your guide.

    The codes of modern art

    I would love an opportunity to show you my collection of signed pieces and tell you the stories behind the various objects, sculptures and paintings I have. I will also share what I learned at the Ecole du Louvre to give you some insight into the art trade and the codes of modern art.

    Insider's tour of Paris

    The Rive Gauche (Left Bank), one of the best places to visit in Paris, is brimming with chic in the form of art, luxury, gastronomy... And because I've lived here for over 20 years, I can show you some of the best spots of Rive Gauche for anything from vintage luxury items to quirky, trendy collectibles.

    Guided visits to art galleries

    We will also visit art galleries of the neighborhood, from the most classic to the most atypical. For this very Parisian stroll through the 6th, I've planned a mixture of art, vintage and collectibles. But I can make it all about art if that's what you would prefer.

    Chic and intimate: The best of the Rive Gauche

    An afternoon exploring the hidden delights of the Rive Gauche will be a unique experience in Paris, full of discoveries and surprises. In order to immerse you in Parisian chic, I have chosen locations that truly reflect the hidden side of the Parisian lifestyle — places most visitors don't even know exist.

    On this private tour, you will get a taste of the real Paris through some of the city's most chic establishments.