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The French touch: the secrets of the French fashion mystique

Add the elusive French touch to your personal style with the guidance of a Paris style maven

Isabelle, Parisian Stylist
in a "hotel particulier", 6th
Languages : "french"

As a journalist working in women's media, at a certain point I decided to apply my eye for style and my listening skills to advising fashion brands and coaching executives, opinion leaders and regular people who wanted to project a unique and authentic image of themselves.

I created a blog that was at once a style guide and an inspiration board to help people break the bonds of convention and have some fun with the way they dressed.

Fashion and I have a long history together; the entire time I was growing up, I watched my mother sewing miles of fabric as a costumer for the theater. I gu…

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-Nobody embodies the iconic French woman better than Isabelle

-She is bursting with energy, while still being classy and reserved

-We love her simplicity, natural teaching ability, and her freshness

I want to share my experience as a specialist in French style, which I've gained working with a team of recognized experts known for their enthusiasm and integrity.

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2 - 6 p.
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The secrets of the french fashion

  • Join Isabelle in the mansion of a designer for a taste of the French chic lifestyle
  • Discover the secrets of Parisian elegance and learn the basics of French style
  • Learn the hottest trends from the latest Paris Fashion Week
  • Get personalized tips for best places to shop 
  • As a style consultant, I help people dress to their best advantage and find a personal style that reflects who they truly are. Whether you're a woman or a man, no matter what your age or lifestyle, I can help you reveal your inner self through the way you dress. 

    During your WonderfulTime experience with me, you will discover the style secrets of French women, and I'll give you some insight into why they're envied all over the world. The "French touch" is not a myth – it's very real!

    Enthusiasm, plus a drop of insolence, plus a hint of insouciance. This is how I describe the way French women dress, how I explain their way of playing with fashion and having fun with their clothes. I hope to help you find some inspiration and look at style in a whole new way.

    I will give you a mini "fashion lesson," showing you the tiny details that truly "make" an outfit, as well as the absolute don'ts that can ruin it. I'll give you tips for putting some panache in your wardrobe without breaking the bank, and dare you to dare not to "dress your age." I'll show you how to pick the most flattering cuts for your body, how to choose and wear prints, lace stockings, jeans, v-necks, a little black dress, a vintage piece...

    We'll peruse a magazine specializing in "made-in-France" fashion, I'll share the trends from the latest Paris Fashion Week, and I'll tell you the five must-have pieces you need for the new season.

    You will take away some recipes for cultivating your own signature style, learn about some of the best places to shop, explore the styles of some inspiring French women who embody "effortless" French chic, which is the polar opposite of contrived and affected.

    That is the secret to French elegance.