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Ignite your culinary senses in Paris

Languages : "french", "english", "portuguese", "spanish"

A wealth of international experience

Of French and Brazilian nationality, Alexandra spent many years in France and abroad working in public relations and marketing for major brands. Throughout her career, luxury – in the form of champagne, high fashion, jewelry, and gastronomy -- has always been a part of her universe. After working in France with world-famous luxury brands, she moved abroad to Brazil, the United States, Hong Kong, and London.

Passionate about French food and Paris

Over time, she became increasingly conscious of the unique culinary heritage of France. Passionate abou…

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Her enthusiasm and passion for cooking

Her creativity and ability to continually find new sources of inspiration

Her quest for perfection

I want not only to share my knowledge with curious visitors, but especially to provide an experience that will awaken my guests' senses: taste, smell, sight, hearing… I want to broaden their sensory horizons and take them on an exciting voyage into unexplored territory.

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Visit fine Parisian gourmet and specialty shops and eat with a connoisseur

Ignite your culinary senses in Paris

Discover the best addresses for “Master Craftsman” Gourmet Foods with your local connoisseur.

Indulge in The Perfect French Meal.

You’ll come to know what feeds the authentic Parisian soul.

A French gourmet food expert

As a connoisseur of gourmet food, I have crisscrossed the capital for years in search of the finest gourmet products and delicacies in Paris. By now, the best specialty shopkeepers in the capital know me well. When I stop by their shops, they gladly make their expert recommendations. For example, if a certain beekeeper's honey is exceptionally good that day, you can be sure they will tell me so, as well as precisely why that is. These experts are unique for the quality, subtlety and creativity of the products they sell.

Best gourmet shops

One-stop grocery shopping does not come naturally to most Parisians. We flit from one gourmet or specialty shop to the next to construct the perfect French meal. We know exactly which butcher shop or shopkeeper in our neighborhood has the best foie gras, or which charcutier has the very sausages we want to serve at an apéritif or before dinner. We all have a favorite cheesemonger. We may even go to the shop of one whose Brie we like best, and to another's for cheese from a different region! It is a beautiful and intricate dance, which I would like to demonstrate for you.

Shop in Paris like a local

I am inviting you to step into the shoes of a true Parisian for a little while. We will visit a number of specialty shops with the best gourmet and regional products in Paris, such as cheesemongers, bakeries, wine shops, delicatessens, and others who sell products that have historical and cultural significance in French culinary tradition.

Food and French culture

Some of the products we will see and sample are made by superior artisans who have been awarded official "Master Craftsman" status in France. And if it's market day, we may also stop by an open-air market, where I'll give you some insight into the historical and cultural significance of the marketplace in France.

This visit will be an opportunity for me to give you unique insight into French attitudes towards food, and a deeper understanding of why food is such an intrinsic part of our culture. You will learn about French traditions and customs related to eating, how they came to be, and why they endure.

A luxury gourmet tour with lunch

We will be sure to sample a uniquely French delicacy at a specialty shop in the heart of a chic and charming French neighborhood. During this experience, I will bring Gourmet Paris to life for you, in all its luxury and refinement, as you smell and taste the surprises and creativity it has to offer. Let's eat together !

As French novelist Alphonse Daudet once said, "La gourmandise commence quand on n'a plus faim."