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A "Romantic" evening, an exclusive piano concert

Romantic impressions: music, wine and conversation with a piano virtuoso.

Welcome in a handsome Paris flat
Languages : French, English

David began learning to play the piano as a child in the US. He came to France in 1976, and continued studying over the years under a number of respected professors, including Bernard Picavet.

David has won numerous piano competitions, and holds an artist Diploma from the Ecole Normale de musique of Paris

Himself a piano professor for over 20 years, David also performs regularly throughout France and Paris, and has recorded many albums.

He is best known for his virtuosity and his animated style of playing.

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His art: David is one of those rare artists for whom technique and art are two completely separate things: the one can be acquired, while the other cannot ever be quantified.

His technique: the profoundly personal way he expresses himself through the music, his mastery of the piano, and his highly nuanced virtuosity.

We also love his personality: intense, subtle, and in perfect harmony with the romantic music he plays.

I like to share my passion for music with others and hope to pass a part of my knowledge and passion on to them.

I enjoy opportunities for unique exchanges with other music enthusiasts.

WonderfulTime has given me a chance to interact with my audience in an intimate setting, which I can never do in concerts.

Beyond the music, I love to tell the stories of the great musicians who have so inspired me.

Group size
6 - 15 p.
150€ per person Book now

A "Romantic" evening, an exclusive piano concert


Join me in a handsome Paris flat for an intimate concert. I very much enjoy close contact with my audience, and look forward to sharing a unique moment with you.

I would like to take you on a journey. Through the music I will play for you, a selection of piano works from the Romantic Era, and the remarkable stories I will tell you of the great composers' lives, I hope to carry you to new heights of emotion, across vivid landscapes, through windows to another time, another world.

The emotion expressed through the music of Liszt and Ravel is at once intense and subtle, which is what drew me to these composers and led me to devote much of my life to their music. 

I can best describe my own experience as "living" the music of Liszt and "dreaming" that of Ravel. I delight in the distinctly different styles of these two composers who bridge the gap between Romanticism and Impressionism.

I would like you to feel what I feel. I would like the music I play to kindle your own memories, beautiful visions, and dreams.

I look forward to sharing what I know about these great musicians and providing what I hope will be some surprising insights into the music itself. Our musical moment will be followed by a conversation over a glass of wine and a sampling of French delicacies

Afterwards, we will have a chance to talk over a glass of wine and some French delicacies