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Golf with a pro coach on a rare ancient natural links

On the Norman shore of the English Channel,  play one of the world's few natural links courses with Ivan



Normandy (50)
Languages : "french", "english"

Born in Normandy, and educated at Leeds Polytechnic in Yorkshire, Ivan learned his way around the links first in the famous Norman links courses in Granville (opened in 1912) and Coutainville (1927) under Guy Desheulles. Subsequently, he trained in Jersey under Tommy Horton, later continuing his training with Bob Toski, world champion in 1954, who became his friend.

Since 1990, he has studied with European Golf Master, Roger Gallas, and coached at the Doral golf course in Miami, preparing champions for major tournaments. It was here that he met his friend Jim McLean.

He has coached amat…

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His contagious joy and warmth.

His professionalism.

His sense of humor.

The pure pleasure he gets from the game of golf.

How proud he is of his Norman heritage, and how much he wants to share both of his passions: golf and Normandy.

I am always thrilled to meet golfers from all over the world, especially when I can share a game of golf, a meal, and a conversation with them.

I love to introduce people to the magnificent region between the English Channel and the Cherbourg Peninsula.


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2 - 4 p.
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Golf with a pro coach on a rare ancient natural links

Let's go back to the beginning, to the place where golf was born two and a half centuries ago. I'm referring, of course, to the links, those never-ending, undulating natural dunes between the land and the sea, where the first games of golf were played.

These natural courses have been an endless source of inspiration for me, and I consider a true links experience to be a rite of passage for any who love the game

I grew up and received my training on genuine links courses, and I would like you to experience the profound pleasure of golfing on a course designed by Mother Earth herself, of which there are only a few in the world. This place is the real thing: 100% natural. There can be no comparison with modern-day "links" courses, which have appropriated the name and blurred the distinction between them and the natural links where golf began.

The links course I call home is on the dunes of the English Channel. Its endless, rolling waves recall those of the ocean. As far as the eye can see, there is no sign of human intervention. This course provides a golf experience of unprecedented authenticity, which we can share together in private.

You will discover that some holes are extremely challenging, requiring precision as well as a certain acquiescence to chance, since the dunes can make it difficult to see where you are aiming.

Once we have finished our game, I will invite you to share an authentic meal in a traditional Norman setting, where I'll share with you many of the stories I've collected over the years on the international golf circuit, where I played with and coached the world's greatest champions.

One thing is certain: whether young or old, experienced or a beginner, anyone will enjoy this course. Even children! Believe me when I say that this is my life, and I want nothing more than for you to have the experience of playing on a living, breathing links course.

The links are a gift of Nature, and I strongly encourage you to accept the gift! I hope to see you on the fairway very soon. I'll be waiting for you !