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Paris fashion with a personal shopper

Languages : French, English

The daughter of a women's garment manufacturer, Nathalie grew up in the fashion industry, immersed throughout her childhood in luxurious textiles, and attending professional tradeshows and runway shows from a very young age. She was always surrounded by international buyers, journalists, and photographers, and she also spent time with customers. She grew to understand them and always took great pleasure in providing them with guidance.

A graduate of Institut Français de la Mode, she worked as a designer for a number of fashion houses. Her natural curiosity and passion for fashion led her t…

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Her energy, freshness, and humor.

Her warmth and generosity.

Her passion for Coco and 19th-century fashion.

Her eagerness to share with others.

One thing I have learned in the five years I have been teaching is that sharing goes both ways. I've been enriched by this experience, have become even more curious, and am eager to exchange with you!

As Goethe said, "Whoever wishes to foresee the future must consult the past." Knowing the history of fashion means understanding the saying "fashion perpetually reinvents itself," a concept that applies perfectly to Chanel.

It would be an honor and a pleasure to share with you what it is that fascinates me about this extraordinary woman who was so far ahead of her time.

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Group size
2 - 3 p.
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A personalized shopping excursion into the heart of the Paris fashion scene

During a 3 hour personalized shopping session, Nathalie will guide through

  • the hottest new fashion design shops
  • the best-kept secrets of Parisian fashion mavens
  • the boutiques of up-and-coming fashion talents
  • A personalized shopping excursion

    I am not talking about a tour or a class, but rather a customized personal shopping trip designed just for you, whether you are a man or a woman. I will personally select cutting-edge styles that suit your tastes and lifestyle.

    Dive into the heart of the Paris fashion scene

    Not too sure about which brands or shops are the best? Inspiration is my job! I lead you off the beaten path, far from the crowdy department stores. I will help you find the one piece you can't live without, or the one you never knew you needed until I showed it to you. On the other hand, if you know exactly what you want, I can lead you straight to it.

    The best-kept fashion secrets in Paris

    I will show you the hottest new shops, the boutiques of up-and-coming fashion talents, and more.

    And if you would like a second opinion, I would be happy to introduce you to my network of fashion designers.

    I'm ready when you are!



    NB: please note that the duration of this experience will vary depending on the program. We will contact you to discuss your needs and interests.