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Escape into the secret gardens of Paris

Languages : "french", "english"

Paris lover and art expert

Sylvie is an art gallery director, event designer, and consultant in art marketing.

After 15 years as a press attaché in a variety of sectors ranging from politics to the luxury industry, Sylvie chose to work in the field she loved the most: art. Through her work, she has built an extensive network of friends and colleagues in the art world, and would love to introduce you to them.

A native of Paris, she often takes long strolls through her city, the most beautiful city in the world, guided entirely by serendipity.


This is how she discovered so many…

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Her love for Paris and all things beautiful

Her endless curiosity

Her generosity

I love to share my appreciation for beautiful things, including the city I live in.

More than anything, I enjoy being able to exchange with passionate people and travelers from all over the world.


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1 - 4 p.
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Join an urban explorer in a journey through the hidden gardens of Paris.

  • Sylvie will guide you through a private walk tour to rediscover magnificent gardens and hidden courtyards in the middle of Paris
  • She will share with you anecdotes and stories about iconic figures of French Literature and Art who lived in these places
  • Customize the experience according to your historical and cultural interests as well as neighborhoods you would like to explore
  • Romantic, wild, and zen: if you want to visit the best places, I suggest you follow me through the hidden gardens of Paris.

    Experience the city of light off the beaten path

    If you think of yourself as more of an explorer than a tourist, I propose that you join me in an exploration of a side of Paris the tourists never see.

    On my many wanderings through this beautiful city, I have happened upon many a hidden oasis: secret gardens and courtyards that are perfect for meditating, picnicking, taking photos, or proposing... Whatever you have in mind.

    Explore the secret Paris like a local

    Maybe you just need a break from the frenzy and intensity of the city. If so, just follow me. We will visit magnificent gardens that you never knew existed right in the heart of Paris. Some of these gardens belonged to great authors like Hugo and Balzac. Others that lack such distinction make up for it in sheer beauty.


    NB: please note that the duration of this experience will vary depending on the program. We will contact you to discuss your needs and the best things to do in Paris