Dine With A Renowned Food Critic
At Paris ’ Top Rated Bistro,
Le Caillbotte

… in 100% VIP exclusivity!

You be the judge – If this isn’t your finest dining experience in France

Do you know what is the really significant thing about dining with a renowned food critic at a top rated bistro in Paris?

  • Not the fact that you will taste exceptional French food paired with quality French wines in modern surrounds fit for the pages of a chic interior design magazine
  • Nor that you will go "behind-The-scenes" of the professional life of a food critic who rates the best restaurants and bistros in Paris
  • Not even that you will discover the latest French culinary movement, bistronomie - the new wave cuisine led by young and adventurous chefs with classic high-end training who are now invigorating the Parisian scene with their culinary innovations and creativity

Not these things.

They are, after all, what one would expect from an exceptional dining experience in the company of the consummate culinary expert in Paris.

The really significant thing is that as you dine - with each mouth-watering bite, every twist and turn of conversation - you’ll uncover the infinite “life-principles” that underscore France’s infatuation with fine food and refined eating.

You’ll discover how intertwined traditions and contemporary life are … connected with terroir, in love with the seasons and local ingredients … stimulating senses and indulging in simple pleasures …

You’ll grasp the centuries of experimentation, innovation, and creativity in aromas and flavors … skillful techniques … the role of the master chef, plying the noble culinary arts.

… and this will take you deep into the heart and soul of the Parisian experience.

Your Unique Chance To
Go Behind-the-Scenes
With A French Food Critic in Paris

There is perhaps no one better to take you on that unique journey than Pierre-Yves.

After all, he knows his subject.

There isn't a fine bistro or restaurant in Paris he doesn ’t know … And his social circle includes all the great chefs across the city (you’ll be in for a treat hearing all about it … and also getting top tips on what’s trending and where - and how - to get reservations).

You see, Pierre-Yves is the guy who, every year, reviews and rates more than 1000 of Paris’ best restaurants and bistros. He’s the editor of Le Guide Lebey, the renowned guide for gastronomes in France. He also produces the prestigious French “Oscars” for haute-cuisine, Les Lebey de la gastronomy - the event rewarding the very best culinary creations of the year in France.

Pierre-Yves’ culinary and dining knowledge is vast - and he won’t hold back in sharing it with you, face-to-face.


And when it comes to the bistro he’s chosen - you’re in for a treat.

Le Caillbotte is the archetype of the contemporary Parisian bistro where Franck Baranger, head chef, composes resolutely modern dishes for his discerning clientele.

Its light wood, marble bar, cast iron fixtures, incandescent lighting, large mirrors and windows and open glass view to the kitchen, is perfect for comfortable dining and first-rate people-watching.

And watch you will. Le Caillbotte welcomes a predominantly "local Parisian" crowd. It hasn’t yet been discovered by the tourist throngs … so you’ll get a great snapshot of the "real" Paris … a "living" Paris where well-off Parisians come to live, love and dine.

And that’s why Pierre-Yves comes back to dine, time and again. It’s why he invites you to share this unique and inspiring Parisian experience with him.

Here Is Our Offer:

Come to Le Caillbotte in Paris’ 9th arrondissement for a 100% VIP welcome and special lunch experience - no reservation necessary - no waiting in line!

There’ll be no other guests sharing table with you. It’s just you, Pierre-Yves and Franck Baranger, your chef - 100% exclusive.

You’ll be welcomed by the warm and efficient serving team. They’ll introduce you to Pierre-Yves.

Take a look around - you’re at home. Go into the kitchen. Meet the team that will prepare an unforgettable lunch for you.

Then take your seat at the chef’s table where both Pierre-Yves and Franck will introduce the menu and wine selection of the day.

Listen as Franck explains his choices of seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. He’ll tell you how they’ve been cultivated and prepared for your dining pleasure. He’ll describe the origins of his creations, plus what to expect in taste, aromas, textures, … and sheer pleasure.

Then discuss with Pierre-Yves your dish choices and wine pairings … all to enhance your culinary journey and maximize pleasure.

There’s a whole universe to explore with this five course lunch. The menu includes appetizers, starters and mains, all served, naturally, with bread from Poujauran. And, of course, there’ll be a fine choice of desserts and excellent fresh coffee.

And with each dish you’ll enjoy a carefully paired glass of French wine. All wines on the list are AOC (Appellation of Origin), which means you’ll really get to savor the rich differences of the regions of France. Naturally, Pierre-Yves will help you discover each regions secrets - demystifying the French wine label, explaining the varietals, giving you insight into the wine makers - all to enhance the quality of your wine and meal pairing.

And as each course is served, you’ll go deep into the art of savoring aromas, tastes, sights, sounds and textures - a veritable lesson in the gastronomic art.


Hear From The Consummate Professional
How to Examine & Critique Fine Meals

Now we can’t tell today what will be on the menu the day you dine. It’s unknown. Naturally, because as one would expect, every menu is created fresh each day, moving with the seasons and availability of the very best local ingredients … and the inspiration of your masterful chef.

But we can give you an idea of the delicacies to expect, like:

  • Heirloom tomatoes and skate wing with basil or, Andalucian Gaspacho, crabmeat and avocado …
  • Or perhaps Mackerel fillets from Saint-Gilles Croix de Vie or Scallops from Erquy (in season, of course) with a coffee marinade and a sea urchin mousse …
  • Maybe you’ll be taken by roasted pigeon from Vendée, corn cake and charred green onions or, roasted veal with a chard and almond fricassée …
  • And of course, the desserts … like blackberry and blackcurrent crumble with vanilla fromage blanc or, roasted apricot with ‘crumble’ and marjoram ice cream or, Peach "à la nage" with marjoram ice cream and meringue … or then, maybe the chocolate mousse with tonka-bean sauce and praline …

In short, exquisite dining …

It’s little wonder Le Caillbotte has become a reference in the Parisian bistro scene for locals … and a top rated address in the eyes of Michelin and Le Lebey!

You can read for yourself what their dining guests are saying …

"“Excellent Meal! Possibly the BEST food I’ve ever eaten.”
Andrea, Atlanta, Georgia

"“Your MUST eat here! BEST MEAL WE HAD IN PARIS! (…) From the bar we watched as the chefs worked from the open kitchen in perfect unison to create a phenomenal 5 course tasting menu. (…) The flavor combinations are creative and delicious, and they are presented in an artful way that shows the passion of the chefs for their work. (…) This is a place I will return to every time I am in Paris, and a place you must put on your must visit list while in Paris!”
Melissa, USA

"“A gorgeous little restaurant. The food was sensational! (…) All beautifully cooked and presented but the quail was an absolute highlight stuffed with bacon and so moist. 3 sweets were roasted plums, fresh peaches with sage ice cream and chocolate ganache - oh they were delicious. It was a great night particularly because many locals there and so it was not a tourist trap.”
Virginia, Australia

"“Simply the best French bistronomy (yes it’s a word). (…) Caillebotte was our highlight. What a gem of a restaurant. The open kitchen was harmonious, producing some of the best food Paris has to offer. The menu was simple and clever, utilizing nothing but the best seasonal ingredients in a very interesting way, with a great small wine list. (…) Being in hospitality, we can absolutely appreciate the skill and effort that goes into running such an establishment. And seeing an open kitchen like that in Paris pleases us so much. We are heading back to Paris next week, and cannot wait to go back, we just hope we can secure a table …”
Hellodi, Australia

"“Foodie heaven …”
Christina, Germany

"“Perfection. My new favorite address in Paris. Delicious food in ultra comfortable surroundings, maiden yet classic. Very friendly waiters and a head chef who clearly knows his stuff in an un-pretentious way. Thank you, a real pleasure.”

"“Oh boy, Caillebotte is my first major coup de coeur of 2014! Not only is this new restaurant named after one of my favorite French painters, but there’s so much soul and love in this place that you realize how much is typically lacking throughout Paris’ gastro scene.”
Zeva, France

… and after your own dining experience at Le Caillbotte with Pierre-Yves, you’ll be ready to craft your own masterful review, too.

And into the future, you’ll say goodbye to those awkeward moments staring into a menu, eyes glazed, unsure of what to pick and pair.

You’ll no longer wonder what those ambiguous French wine labels mean and what secrets the wines will present in the tasting.

Nor will you flounder at table with friends and colleagues for conversation.

Each and every dining experience from here on will take on a whole new meaning and pleasure … inspired by your deep dive into the uniquess and inspiration of this authentic Parisian experience.

… infused as you will be with the spirit of Paris and that all so French infatuation with fine foods and refined eating.

Do come dine with Pierre-Yves and Franck Baranger …


And savor this uniquely Parisian experience.

p.s. Pierre-Yves' schedule is very busy this year. Not only will he be reviewing more than 1000 top restaurants and bistros throughout the year, he'll also be producing the exceptional event, Les Lebey de la gastronomie (the French “Oscars” for culinary excellence) in April.

Thus, available dates for this unique and exclusive dining experience are few in 2016. Reservations for the spring and summer season are already going fast.

To avoid disappointment, confirm your reservation online now.

Need to cancel your booking? Simply let us know 48 hours in advance for a full 100% refund.