Where Michelin-Starred Chefs Get
The Best Croissants and Baguettes in Paris

Meet the Master French Bakers Who Create Them

There are perfect ways to "get Paris" - to go right to the heart of its unique art de vivre.

And so many of those paths start with fine French culinary experiences.

Like this …

Imagine, sitting in one of Paris' famous bistros…

You're poised to indulge in an authentic French croissant over espresso.

On the white Indian cotton napkin it looks so plump, like a golden diamond. In your fingers, it,s weightless, like a butterfly. Hundreds of thin layers are visible on its surface, some shiny and brown, others matte and bronze colored.

… and that all enveloping aroma of toasted butter!

As you pull gently at one end the outer layer flakes delicately. The interior is elastic and fluffy. You pull again - it doesn,t uncoil but tugs the inside.

Then the taste …

A slight hint of salt, the expansiveness of toasted butter - only the best Normandy butter - before an ever so subtle closing note of sugar.

Only the fresh aroma of espresso breaks the trance.

Ah! Now you get why so many Parisians can have that vacant - I'm not here - aloof look …

There just somewhere else, in the moment - an extreme moment of indulgence, a journey in pleasure!

And these are the simply wonderful moments that define “the Parisian experience”.

Share it with someone special - a best friend, your loving partner, or, why not, a Parisian local.

Let them tell you how “France without fine croissants - and of course, French baguettes - is like imagining Paris without the Eiffel Tower”.

Or, for the very best of Paris … treat yourself to the elite experience …


Well, that,s exactly what we,d like to invite you to do, today.

But more about that in just a minute.

When Only the Best of Paris Will Do …

It is true, there,s no shortage of croissants or baguettes in Paris. On just about every street corner, you,ll find a boulangerie - French bakery.

And in many of them, I,m sure, you,ll find something delicious to try.

But when it comes to experiencing the “remarkable” - the purest expression of this noble art (and science) of French baking - you've got to find the confirmed Master Baker.

Like any fine thing in this life of ours, access to perfection is a rare thing.

In the culinary world, we look to the top gastronomic restaurants for their Michelin-starred chefs.

In Paris, you'd go to the Hôtel Le Meurice, Guy Savoy, Lasserre, the Shangri-La, Thoumieux, Taillevent, the Tour d,argent, the Park Hyatt Vendôme, or the Hôtel de Crillon and the Royal Monceau.

And when it comes to French baking excellence?

Well, ask those Michelin-starred chefs and top gastronomic restaurants.

Where do they get the best croissants and breads to satisfy their demanding clientele and unwavering standards?

Well, they go see Frédéric Lalos, Master French Baker.

And it,s precisely Frédéric, along with his team of bakers, that we,d love to invite you to meet.

Frederic Lalos Biography Snippet for Bakery Tour in Paris - Wonderful Time

An Exclusive Meeting With Paris, Baking Elite

To meet a Master Baker of Frédéric Lalos' caliber - a very special treat!

After training at the prestigious culinary house of Lenôtre, Frédéric was awarded the prestigious "Best Craftsman of France Award" at just 26, the youngest in the history.

Then he went on to bake for the French Prime Minister, a privilege reserved for France,s elite craftsman.

After several years training elite baking staff worldwide for Lenôôôtre, he launched his on bakeries to great acclaim.

In Taiwan, Japan and Paris, he opened his flagship label, Lalos, along with Le pain du quartier.

His international business success alone is inspirational.

"Wonderful experience. My daughter and I had a great time. The staff and Frédéric were friendly, fun and made us feel very special. And the warm croissants we baked were 'out of this world'!"

"Absolutely adored this experience. Not only is Frédéric a wonderful teacher and Master Baker, his personality makes the baking lesson so much fun. You really get an understanding of all that goes into his profession and a great appreciation for his passion. Oh, and the bread and goodies were the best I've ever tasted. J'AIME!!"
Lauren, BOSTON, MA

Quality and an unwavering respect for tradition and the nobility of the French baking profession are his hallmarks.

Little wonder his baked goods carry the highly esteemed “Red Label”, France,s highest standard of quality for artisans. No mean feat in a country that prides itself on the excellence of its culinary achievements, refinement and luxury!

Even his chocolates are adorned with the Red Label!

Discover the Secrets of French Baking with this Master Baker

Rare is the day you,ll get an opportunity to go behind-the-scenes with the culinary elite of Paris.

But today, that,s exactly what we invite you to do.

Go inside Frédéric Lalos, renowned bakery in rue de Tocqueville in Paris, exclusive 17th arrondissement.

"It was amazing to learn the deepest secrets of making baguettes and croissants from one of the best and certainly the kindest master in the field ."

"Great experience! Frédéric and his team gave us a genuine, real-life insight into how a master French baker works his magic. It's amazing how much pride and passion Frédéric puts into his craft. I'll definitely recommend this to friends who want a 'behind the scenes' French experience."

Spend a full 2 hours exclusively with his Master Bakers to discover the secrets of baking the iconic French baguette and notoriously complex croissant.

  • Listen in as he explains the importance of finding and selecting the best local ingredients - the finest French grains, traditionally milled flours, and finest butter from Normandy - AND how you can source quality ingredients back home to replicate the French baking experience in your own kitchen

  • Discover how terroir - the natural environment where the best ingredients are cultivated, harvested and worked - mixed with the baker,s own mastery, hold the secret to the very best aromas, tastes, and healthfulness … AND how these French baking tips can help you instantly improve your eating and home-cooking pleasure

  • Hear about the importance of leaven and the fermentation process - and why bread is a living, sophisticated food one can enjoy and explore, just like wine or cheese - AND how the true secret of living a rich life has nothing much to do with money when you adopt an authentic "French attitude"

  • And, if you please, get your hands in the mix to learn the skillful arts of kneading, forming, scarring and baking your very own baguettes and croissants - AND absorb in practice the masterful techniques and methods that will transform how you bake, cook, and appreciate the joys of fine food

  • Then, enjoy an aperitif while taking a sensory journey of tasting notes, indulging in some of the bakery,s finest creations, like Frédéric,s pain au chocolate, pain au raison, le baguette de compagne or le baguette parisienne - AND stimulate your senses, discovering a whole new range of life enjoyment in culinary aromas, tastes, textures, sight and sound

Take home much more than the delectable bundle of your own baguettes and croissants.

Relive your Paris adventure time-and-again through much more than a photo album.

Bake living French culture into your life, a profound slice of "the authentic Parisian experience".

"I have always wanted to enter a real French bakery and see the magic of making bread. I really enjoyed spending a couple of hours with Frederic in his master bakery. It's impressive how talented he is and at the same time sweet and humble and really passionate about what he does. Merci, Frédéric!"

"Spending the morning with Frédéric, learning about his process, was amazing! He's extremely passionate, and that shined through as he walked us through the process of baking bread & pastry."
Ashley, NYC

And don,t be concerned that time with the culinary elite of France will leave you reeling with skills you couldn't possibly put to use at home.

Replicating traditional French baking practices in your own home-baking is precisely one of the main reasons Frédéric takes time to share these unique experiences.

Frédéric's passionate about baking! He wants everyone to enjoy that passion, no matter where in the world you live. Sure, you'll not find the same ingredients. But that's why he meticulously goes through how to find, pick and work the very best local ingredients where you live, step-by-step.

It doesn't matter whether you bake 100% traditional or use a home-baking machine. He's got plenty to share. Even one of his many famous books is dedicated to baking mastery using the modern bread-machine!

There,s no snobbery here, just pure pleasure in sharing his passion - the art and science of baking excellence.

That alone is inspiring and a pleasure to experience.

You,ll go home with more than recipes. You'll discover,

  • Why some Parisians will cross the city on certain days in search for their daily bread

  • Why no table in France is ever considered complete without the right bread

  • Why you,ll likely get a scowl from the Master Baker if you order your bread not too cooked ("pas trop cuit")!

  • How to select the very best ingredients, from your own home terroir, for excellent results every tim

  • How to choose the very best quality bread by sight, so you,ll never buy a disappointing loaf again

  • How to apply the strict formula of baking temperature and treat your dough like the human body for maximum result

  • Why bread-baking results change with the seasons … and how this will enrich your daily life

  • And even how to store your baked goods so they last fresh and ready for eating pleasure right up to the last bite

A Parisian Culinary Experience par excellence

Every second of this experience is a study in perfection …

But there are a few things I feel compelled to warn you about.

After this encounter, you,ll probably develop a degree of culinary snobbery. That bland supermarket loaf wrapped in plastic … forget it. It won,t work for you anymore.

And when you,re whole family's about to enjoy the incredible breakfast you baked together, your doorbell will ring. Neighbors you haven,t spoken to for ages will start inviting themselves in.

Those work colleagues! … They,ll hover near your office mumbling loudly about how long it,s been since they were invited to dinner.

"One of the things I miss most when I'm not in France is the croissants and baguettes. Learning how to bake these in my own kitchen with Frédéric will be a dream come true and a definite highlight to my time in Paris!"

"What a cool thing to do in Paris! How often do you get a chance to meet a superstar French baker in his kitchen and learn what he does best?"

A strange thing happens when we enrich our lives with the art of culinary excellence … especially the skill of filling our homes with the aromas of freshly-baked French baguettes and croissants … Everyone wants to be your new best friend!

But then, what more can you expect.

After all, the French word for friendship is “copain”!

That,s Latin for “cum panem” … “the person we cut bread with”.

Fitting, actually.

So come “break bread" (and croissants and other delights) with Frédéric Lalos.

Taste some of the finest French croissants and baguettes in Paris … and get to the heart and soul “the Parisian experience”.

And connect with one of the city's culinary elite …

Perfect, a great way to shake off the "tourist" etiquette and become a seasoned traveler - a Parisian insider who "gets" the city's unique way of living.

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… and savor the experience.

p.s. Because Frédéric Lalos is highly sought after by exclusive clients worldwide, dates for this Wonderful Time Experience in Paris are few.

Available dates for the spring and summer vacation period are already selling out fast.

To avoid disappointment, confirm your invitation online now.

To ensure personalized attention, participant places are strictly limited to 8 people.

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