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Behind the scenes in the best Paris restaurants with a food critic

Le Caillebotte Paris
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A famous food critic in Paris

Creator of the magazine "Cuisine et Terroirs," and co-author of a number of books on gastronomy and the French art de vivre, host of a program on gastronomy on Gourmet TV, I am also the founder of a publishing house, which publishes annual guides that set the standards for Parisian fine dining.

Best Paris restaurants 2014

In Paris, no bistro, no brasserie, no restaurant is unknown to me. I have the good fortune to work in an amazing field and to be surrounded by fine dining experts and enthusiasts.

With famous French Michelin-starred chefs

One of m…

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His expert palate, and the insights he shares

The way he can make you feel his passion, and the stories he tells about this exquisite art

The fact that he can open the doors of the secret universe of haute cuisine

The depth of his knowledge, and his close relationships with culinary stars

His excellent storytelling abilities, and the fact that he loves to share with people from different cultures 

The WonderfulTime concept appeals to me because it makes traveling to a country more like "living" there. I want visitors to experience the best Paris restaurants in a completely new way and to let them see the day-to-day life of a renowned chef in his own kitchen. I want them to discover the extraordinary richness of French gastronomy, and to share stories about this wonderful universe, and also to pass on to them my passion.

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A private lunch or diner with the publisher of the dining guide that rates the best restaurants in Paris

Dine at Caillebotte, one of the best Paris bistros of 2014

  • You, too, can be a food critic in this highly unique experience at one of the best restaurants in Paris
  • Go behind the scenes of French haute cuisine and learn the latest trends in French cooking and Parisian bistro culture
  • Enjoy a delicious "new bistro" French meal with wine
  • Share an intimate moment with the chef of Caillebotte
  • This unique experience takes you to the heart of French gastronomy through the restaurants and kitchens of the best chefs in Paris.

    I rate the best restaurants in Paris

    I am the founder and president of a dining guide that bestows yearly awards on the best Parisian restaurants, from bistros to the most prestigious names of all. My guide, widely read and appreciated by French connoisseurs of fine dining, has become "the bible" of Parisian gastronomy.

    French gastronomy explained by a Food critic

    For many years, I have lived and worked in this universe, about which I am passionate. I have the good fortune to mingle with the greats of gastronomy, as well as the rising talents, tomorrow's stars. What I propose is to open the doors into these kitchens and share with you the behind-the-scenes secrets of the world capital of gastronomy.

    A private dinner or lunch at Caillebotte

    I could invite you, for example, to a private lunch or dinner in the bistro "Caillebotte," which won the "Best Parisian Bistrot of the Year" award.

    During our lunch or dinner, which will include an appetizer, a starter, a main dish, and dessert, each with wine, you will have the chance to become a food critic yourself. I have seen to every detail to ensure that you will receive VIP treatment.

    How to critique a French meal

    We will discuss what to look for in each dish, how to judge the service, how to rate the bread, the coffee, the wine... I'll also take this opportunity to reveal some secrets of the very exclusive world of haute cuisine. I'll share, off the record, the kind of information you never dreamed you would hear about certain chefs and restaurants. We'll talk about the latest trends and changes in gastronomy and restaurants, but most of all we'll exist together for a moment in the Paris of myth.

    Meet Chef Franck Baranger

    I will introduce you to the chef of Caillebotte, "Best Parisian Bistrot of the Year," who will take the time to talk with you about his craft, his passion and his dreams...

    You'll live, for a little while, the life of a food critic, experiencing a side of gastronomy that is usually only seen by professional critics, enjoy an exceptional meal, and meet the chef everyone's talking about.