In the kitchen with The French Master Baker

Frédéric guides you through the products and processes that produce the world's most beloved bread and pastry


I welcome you in my kitchen in Paris 16

Languages : French, English

After years of formal training in the baker's craft, he went to work for the famous French company Lenôtre. Only seven years later, at the age of 26, he won the "Meilleur Ouvrier de France" award, making him the youngest French Master Baker in history. He then had the honor and privilege of baking for the Prime Minister in his official residence, the Hôtel Matignon.

In 1999, he and his colleague Pierre-Marie Gagneux opened five bakeries of their own and began providing bread and pastries to the finest Michelin-starred Parisian restaurants. In 2011, the two partners began yet another adventure, opening LALOS, a high-end bakery concept. Their first store opened in 2011 in Taiwan, and two more, in Japan and Paris, opened in 2012.

He also published a book: "Le Pain, l'envers du décor" (available in French and English)

Frédéric Lalos was "bitten by the bug" at a very young age, and it is sheer pleasure just listening to him talk about his lifelong passion.

We love that he is so committed to traditional, rather than industrial practices, an approach that is rare these days. You will meet a true artisan whose philosophy is nicely summed up by this quote of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: "Bread has been feeding mankind for millennia. Respect it; it is the result of many men's labor, and the reward for all their effort."

Most of all, we love his generosity, his curiosity, and his joie de vivre.

I enjoy talking about my craft and exchanging with other people. It is a refreshing change to my demanding schedule.

It has always been very important to me, and very gratifying, to pass on my knowledge and passion to others.

By inviting WonderfulTime visitors into my kitchen, I can show them that in a traditional bakery, every last detail is crucial, from our work methods, to the quality of the products, to how we treat our customers.


Duration of experience: +/- 120 mn
Location: Paris
Group: 4 - 8 pers.

170€ / pers.

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Frédéric guides you through the products and processes that produce the world's most beloved bread and pastry

Please join me in the kitchen of my award-winning boulangerie to learn about the fascinating history of the croissant and the baguette, as well as the rules and standards for baking them. This visit will forever change the way you see – and taste – baguettes and croissants.

I will show you how baguettes and croissants are made and guide you through the nooks and crannies of the world's most beloved loaf and pastry. I will explain how the chemical interaction between the flour and my fermented starter is the key to their lightness, their tender centers, and their crisp, flavorful crusts.

My starter is meticulously prepared according to centuries-old French tradition. This leavening is the essential ingredient of the authentic baguette, and the key to the unique textures of the croissant.

We will explore the different types of flour I use (whole wheat, rye, white, buckwheat, spelt). After all, flour is so much more than a white powder! A great deal of effort goes into transforming the grains into the material that bakers use to create their works of art. And I have always worked closely with the world-renowned French agricultural producers, selecting only the finest wheats and choosing mills that still operate in the French ancestral tradition.

Once I have revealed some of the mysteries of the baker's craft and the secrets of the magical powder that is the foundation of all of our creations, you will have a chance to put what you have learned to use and make a few souvenirs of your time as a baker's apprentice.

I create all of my recipes in a test kitchen, and every one is unique. I continually strive to create new, distinctive recipes like those that have already earned me many awards, including "Meilleur Ouvrier de France" (French Master Baker).

Then, of course, we will sample a variety of my recipes, those award-winning pastries and confections that have earned us our excellent reputation.

I look forward to meeting you.